Making shopping convenient for customers and cost-effective for businesses

Dressformer envisioned a way to establish a new level of comfort for online buyers of clothing and shoes, by giving them the opportunity to try on future purchases using a virtual 3D-twin. This allows customers to quickly make the right choices when buying clothing and shoes, reducing to a minimum the risk of returns due to improper sizing or style

While increasing consumer confidence, we are increasing business efficiency as well. We provide a unique business solution that combines our patented plug-in fitting room technology, the means to control an online inventory of clothing and shoes, and state-of-the-art analytics tools.

How does it work?

We seek to provide the most realistic impression possible to customers utilizing our virtual fitting technology. We have implemented physical material models of garments, which behave in the same way as the garment would in real life, depending on the material from which it was made.


Upload garment photos taken on the Indresser, our unique graphically-labeled surface


Dressformer’s intelligent system automatically converts the 2D-images into 3D-models of clothes

It’s all in the details

We have sought to realize the maximum sense of realism to the customers using virtual fitting Dressformer. We have implemented a physical tissue model, which behaves in the same way as in real life, depending on the tissue from which it was made.

Realistic physics tissue
Realistic lighting
Animation models and environments